New apartment prices in 32 areas of Tirana.

The government's guidance brings changes in the fiscal market price of sales for apartments in the 32 cadastral zones of Tirana. Referring to the price charts for apartments for exploitation area, some neighborhoods in the capital have become more expensive, in others the price has decreased, while in 23 cadastral zones the prices have not changed.

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Construction permits - how does the land convert into land?

The format for application and approval of building permits changes again. If until yesterday after the approval of the online application process, responsible commissions were established for them at the Ministry of Urban Development and the National Territorial Council, they will now pass on the site of the Ministry of Economy.

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Immovable Property Mortgage, New Procedure for Submission of Proxy to IPRO. Documents and steps to be followed.

Citizens who are in property property procedures already have a new opportunity to make applications through the E-Albania portal. Already with this service they can act by proxy as stakeholder representatives and can apply to the portal by requesting the "Proxy Registration" service. Prokur is registered in the section on ownership of the immovable property card and the original document is deposited in the archive. The answer to the application comes either electronically or mailily, as desired.

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