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Shitet apartament 2+1 ne Shkoze

For Sale
52,000 €

Shitt apartament ne qender te Shkozes, prane news24, Apartamenti ndodhet ne kat 2 te nje pallati te ri te sapondertuar. Apartamenti ka nje siperfaqe 1...

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2 2 4 498€ /m2

Shitet apartament 1+1 tek Liqeni

For Sale
66,000 €

Shitet apartament 1+1 tek liqeni. Apartamenti ndodhen ne kat 2 te nje pallati te ri me ashensor, te ndertuar se fundmi. Apartamenti eshte me orientim ...

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50 m2 1 1 5

Shop for rent in Don Bosko!

To rent
600 € / Month

Rent an in-store shop at Don Bosco. The store is located on the ground floor, with a surface of 30sqm. It is positioned on the main road with function...

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30 m2 1 7

Shitet zyre ne Rr. Elbasanit!

For Sale
45,000 €

Shitet zyre ne hyrje te rruges se Elbasanit ne afersi te rruges Pjeter Budi. Ambjenti ndodhet ne kat zero (perdhes) ne nje pallat te ri. Zyra perbehet...

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31 m2 1 33 1500€ /m2

Shitet toke ne Prush

For Sale
150,000 €

Shitet toke ne zonen e Prushit. Prona ka nje siperfaqe 3000m2 me mundesi shtese per kliente te interesuar. Prona eshte e pershtatshme si per banim ash...

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Shitet toke ne Kashar!

For Sale
1,250,000 €

Shitet toke ne zonen e Kasharit, buze autostrades Tirane-Durres km1. Toka ka nje siperfaqe prej 12500m2. Toka eshte e pasjisur me dokumentacion te rre...

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