It is in our objectives to help you find the perfect home, negotiate the best price and monitor a smooth close.

We represent buyers in everything from new residential homes, resale homes, downtown, lake area and luxury properties.

Our agents are local experts with a deep understanding of the important factors that make your selection criteria such as schools, communities, values ​​and trends. Our clients consistently praise our work and refer us to their friends and neighbors.

4 Steps to buy a home


 1. Determine your goals

The first thing we do for our buyers is to clearly understand their objectives. We ask questions such as: Are you buying new homes because you need more space? You need a big yard? Are you downsizing? Do you have preference for any specific area because of the school system? These are some of the questions that we will direct you to consider and evaluate your goals to buy a house. The more we know about what you want, the easier it through the home purchase process Homeplus.

2. Define your search criteria.

List the things that are essential for your new home, such as:

  • Kindergarden, local nurseries & schools;
  • Quiet neighborhood;
  • Medical services;
  • Parking opportunities;
  • Public transport network, etc.
  • 3. Specify your disposal budget.

Straighten yourself the following questions:

How can I get it? The first question you should ask is how much you have to pay per month. A general principle says that the total amount of monthly loan payments should not exceed one third of the family income.

  • What are my disposable savings?
  • Do I have a stable fixed income?
  • Do I have enough money to pay deposits and obligations?
  • What are my monthly fixed expenses?
  • Is my debt lower than my income?
  • What is the monthly payment i can afford?
  • 4. Search for your home through the MLS system online Homeplus.

We have created what we believe to be the best engine Search in Albania. This tool allows you to save your individual search criteria to find properties that comply fully and in the fastest time to your interests.It can also give you additional information for the homes you visit; surrounding areas: access to public transport, main roads,