Join The Homeplus Realty Network

Join The Homeplus Realty Network



Benefits of joining

Fast information, marketing support, a powerful technology, a professional brand and generous commissions division guarantees you success and tangible benefits in your pocket. Join us and get the following:

Real time Referrals

Our site listings by page, attracts thousands of potential clients searching for real estate daily. We shall convey this information to our agents who convert this information into real clients.

Marketing support

We want our agents to focus on helping clients to buy and sell homes – not worrying about marketing. This is why we offer a professional marketing.

Professional brand

We believe that our rich company image will help you to attract more qualified buyers. Besides our professional site, our agents can benefit from professional looking business cards, yard signs quite attractive to the eye of the customer, leaflets, brochures and wonderful good material designed for presentation

Very genorous commission split

We will share with you significant amount of commissions when you work with us. We are very generous when the information is referred to by you, but we share even higher amounts of rewards, when you successfully close our information.